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Retail Mastery: The Amazon FBA Reselling Academy

Retail Mastery: The Amazon FBA Reselling Academy


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Welcome to Amazon Reselling Academy, where you'll learn everything you need to start a successful Amazon FBA reselling business from scratch. This comprehensive course goes beyond typical online business courses, providing practical, step-by-step guidance to help you succeed.

You'll discover how to source products from local stores and resell them on Amazon using the Amazon Seller app. This powerful tool allows you to scan product barcodes and identify profitable items. I'll guide you through every aspect of the process—from setting up your account and navigating Seller Central, to finding products, using FBM, and shipping to FBA. You'll also learn how to gain brand ungating and gain access to valuable tips and tricks.

Starting this business requires only a small initial investment of a few hundred dollars, making it much more accessible than private label ventures that require large upfront capital and involvement with Chinese suppliers. This approach is far less risky and more manageable.

Who is this course for?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to launch an Amazon FBA business by sourcing and reselling products from local stores.
  • Individuals seeking a low-risk online business without the need to invest heavily in creating their own products.
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